Teapots and Matcha Bowls

All teapots are made of clay and
havea stainless steel net that
is specifically designed for
brewing Japanese green tea!

Green Teapot
Capacity 540 cc. (18 ounces)



Designer Teapot
Elegant and beautiful. Hand-made.
The teapot you purchase may look slightly
different from the photo as each one is unique.

Slate Orange/Gray Teapot
Capacity 540 cc. (18 ounces)

Orange Designer Teapot



Matcha Bowls

Each bowl is hand-made so each one is
unique. The bowl you order may look slightly
different than the one in the photographs.

White Matcha Bowl with Leaf Design



Orange/Brown Matcha Bowl



Matcha Whisk

Our high quality 100 prong bamboo whisk. Each
whisk is hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo.

Made in Japan. This is very important!
Many whisks online are not made in Japan.

Matcha Whisk



Whisk Stand

Blue Ceramic Whisk Stand



Green Tea Storage Tin

Keep your tea fresh with out quality storage tin!
Storage capacity: 150 grams (5 ounces)




All shipping charges (and prices) are in American dollars. Shipping-

540 cc. teapot: 10.25
Matcha Bowls: $7.50
Bamboo Whisk: $2.20
Whisk Stand: $2.20
Storage Tin: $2.20