Gyokuro only the youngest flush leaf is picked. Special cultivation techniques are employed to produce a tea that is famous for its rich flavor and pale lemon-green color.  Gyokuro tea plants are grown in the shade for approximately three weeks before harvesting begins.  Removing direct sunlight in this way reduces leaf photosynthesis which alters the proportions of flavenols, amino acids, sugars, and other substances that provide tea aroma and taste.

Gyokuro is a delicous gourmet tea.

Netto Gyokuro the leaves are (unlike sencha) aged for about 6 months. Uji Tezumi Gyokuro is aged for 1.5 years.

For high quality gyokuro the leaves are (unlike sencha) aged for about 3 months.  This aging blends and mellows the flavenoids and other organic compounds to produce a tea that is renowned for its smooth elegant taste.


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