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Fresh Harvest Shincha
Leaves harvested in May 2018!

2018 Shincha

Gyokuro is a delicacy in Japan.
Exceptional. Extraordinary. Delicious!

Netto Gyokuro

High grade gyokuro from Uji. Netto Gyokuro
has a naturally sweet aroma and a crisp flourish.
Netto Gyokuro

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)

Quantity :

Uji Tezumi Gyokuro

The highest quality gyokuro from Uji.
Only the finest hand-picked
leaves from the best plants!
Uji Tezumi Gyokuro

40g bag
(0.7 ounces)

Quantity :


Although most tea harvested in Japan is sencha
the finest is most uncommon. We offer you
the highest quality sencha from the first harvest.

Netto Sencha

Premium hand-picked sencha from Uji!
Netto Sencha

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)

Quantity :

Fukamushi Sencha (Organic)

Premium organic sencha from Kyushu.
Fukamushi Sencha

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)

Quantity :

Genmaicha (Low Caffeine)

First leaf sencha mixed with puffed brown
rice (genmai) and a pinch of matcha.
It is the pinch of matcha that distinguishes
our genmaicha from what you will find in other
green tea shops. Genmaicha is delicious
and has a brilliant emerald-green color.

200g bag (7 ounces)

Quantity :

Hojicha (Low Caffeine)

Toasted sencha leaves.

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)

Quantity :


Kyo Mukashi Matcha

Premium usucha (thin) matcha from Uji.

(1.4 ounces)

Quantity :

Houn no Uji Matcha

The highest quality koicha (thick) matcha from Uji.
Matcha Tea Ceremony Grade

The finest koicha (thick matcha) from Uji.
Only the finest hand-picked leaves are selected.

(0.7 ounces)

Quantity :

Organic Powdered Sencha

Premium powdered sencha from
Oita prefecture in Southern Japan.

Each foil pack makes a delicious
6 to 8 ounce cup of green tea.
Great for travelling or at the office!

30 packs per box

Quantity :

Mimatsu Organic Matcha

The highest quality organic matcha from Uji

30g bag
(1.1 ounces)

Quantity :

Gyokuro Teabags

High-quality first-leaf gyokuro leaves

15 bags per box

Quantity :

Sencha Teabags

Premium sencha leaves

15 bags per box

Quantity :

Hojicha Teabags (Low Caffeine)

Roasted Sencha Leaves

12 bags per box

Quantity :


All shipping charges (and prices)
are in American dollars.

40g bag: $1.50
100g bag: $2.20
200g bag: $3.90
20g matcha tin: $1.50
30g matcha tin: $2.20
40g matcha tin: $2.80
Bamboo Matcha Whisk: $2.20

Japanese green tea is delicious and invigorating!

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