How secure is your shopping cart
and what is your return policy?

We understand that making a purchase online involves a great deal of trust on your part. We take this trust very seriously, and make it our highest priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information you provide.

Ordering is easy, safe, and very private with our secure shopping cart. Our credit card processor is Card Service International and our shopping cart is powered by CartManager. Both are industry leaders that utilize the latest encryption technology to ensure that your purchase will be secure and very private.

We do not sell or share confidential customer information (email or postal addresses, credit card data, etc.) with anyone.

We honor Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and PayPal. Tea promptly returned to us unopened and in its original condition will be refunded or exchanged for another tea of commensurate value.

Return & Refund Policy
If you are not satisfied with your order we will give you a refund within 10 days.

If your order is lost or not delivered in a timely manner we will refund your order within 10 days or ship it again, whichever you prefer. No questions asked. International airmail is safe, reliable and inexpensive so this will almost never happen.

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