Teapots and Accessories Catalogue

All teapots are made of clay and have a stainless steel net that is specifically designed for brewing green tea.

Green Teapot
Capacity 540 cc. (18 ounces)



Designer Teapot
Elegant and beautiful. Hand-made.
The teapot you purchase may look slightly
different from the photo as each one is unique.

Slate Orange/Gray Teapot
Capacity 540 cc. (18 ounces)



Matcha Bowls

Each bowl is hand-made so each one is unique. The bowl you
order may look slightly different than the one in the photographs.

White Matcha Bowl with Leaf Design



Orange/Brown Matcha Bowl


Matcha Whisk
Our high quality 100 prong bamboo whisk. Each
whisk is hand-carved from a single piece of bamboo.



Whisk Stand

Blue Ceramic Whisk Stand


Green Storage Tin

Keep your tea fresh with out quality storage tin!
Storage capacity: 150 grams (5 ounces)





All shipping charges (and prices) are in American dollars. Shipping-

540 cc. teapot: 10.25
Matcha Bowls: $7.50
Bamboo Whisk: $2.20
Whisk Stand: $2.20
Storage Tin: $2.20

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