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Harvested in May, 2014. Premium shincha is only
available from May to July or as long as supplies last.

In Japanese "shin" means new and "cha"
means tea. Shincha is literally "new tea".


We only have enough shincha for a little longer so we have reduced our prices.

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Okutani Shincha
The highest quality shincha from Uji. Only
the best hand-picked leaves are selected!

Sold out until spring 2015

Hatsuzumi Organic Shincha
Premium organic shincha from Fukuoka.

Sold out until spring 2015

In Uji there are 5 grades of shincha. Okutani Shincha is the highest grade.

Both teas have the wonderful aroma of freshly harvested leaves! Okutani Shincha has a crisp, slightly sweet flavor. Organic Shincha has a grassy taste. Both are delicious!

Preparation- Okutani Shincha is delicate and aromatic and should be prepared at a slightly lower temperature than sencha. 60 to 70 degrees Centigrade (140 to 160 degreen Fahrenheit) is best. Brew for 2 minutes and serve.

Brewing Organic Shincha brewing is the same as sencha. The water should be hot, but not boiling, about 79 to 87 degrees Centigrade (175-190 degrees Fahrenheit). Brew for 2 minutes and serve.

Fresh harvest shincha!