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Fresh shincha from the spring harvest!

Okutani Shincha
The highest quality shincha from Uji. Only
the best hand-picked leaves are selected.

Sold out until Spring 2014

Hatsuzumi Organic Shincha
Premium organic shincha
from Fukuoka.

Sold out until Spring 2014

The best shincha in Japan is only available at
from May until July (or as along as supplies last).

You can always get the freshest green tea you can purchase online from JGTO as we
order fresh teas from cold storage weekly. For more information
please click here.

In Uji there are 5 grades of shincha. Okutani shincha is from the highest grade

Both teas have the wonderful aroma of freshly harvested leaves. Okutani shincha has
a crisp, slightly sweet flavor. Organic shincha has a grassy taste. Both are delicious

Fresh spring shincha.