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The highest quality teas shipped to you fresh from Japan!

Gyokuro is a delicacy in Japan.
Exceptional. Extraordinary. Delicious!

Netto Gyokuro
High grade gyokuro from Uji. Netto Gyokuro
has a naturally sweet aroma and a crisp flourish.

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)


Uji Tezumi Gyokuro
The highest quality gyokuro from Uji. Only the
finest hand-picked leaves from the best plants

This tea is very expensive and the brewing method is different
from our other gyokuro teas. Before making a decision on which gyokuro
to purchase please click here for a full explanation on our gyokuro page.

40g bag
(0.7 ounces)


Although most tea harvested in Japan
is sencha the finest is most uncommon.
Our sencha offerings are supreme teas
that come from the first harvest!

Netto Sencha
The highest grade hand-picked

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)


Fukamushi Sencha (Organic)

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)



Genmaicha (Low Caffeine)
First leaf sencha mixed with puffed brown rice
(genmai) and a pinch of matcha. It is the pinch
of matcha that distinguishes our genmaicha
from what you will find in other green tea shops.

Genmaicha has a delicious toasted barley
taste and a brilliant emerald-green color.

200g bag (7 ounces)


Hojicha (Low Caffeine)
Toasted sencha leaves. This tea has an amber
color and is aromatic and delicious.

100g bag
(3.5 ounces)



Complete Matcha Catalogue

Kyo Mukashi Matcha
Premium usucha (thin) matcha from Uji

(1.4 ounces)


Houn no Uji Matcha
The highest quality koicha (thick) matcha from Uji.

The finest koicha (thick matcha) from Uji.
Only the finest hand-picked leaves are selected.
For a detailed explanation on the difference between usucha
(thin) and koicha (thick) matcha please click here- Matcha Page


(0.7 ounces)



Organic Powdered Sencha
Premium powdered sencha from
Oita prefecture in Southern Japan.

Each foil pack makes a delicious 6 to 8 ounce cup
of green tea. Great for travelling or at the office!

30 packs per box



Mimatsu Organic Matcha
The highest quality organic matcha from Uji

30g bag
(1.1 ounces)




Gyokuro Teabags

High-quality first-leaf gyokuro leaves

15 bags per box


Sencha Teabags
Premium sencha leaves

15 bags per box


Hojicha Teabags (Low Caffeine)
Roasted Sencha Leaves

12 bags per box


All shipping charges (and prices) are in American dollars

40g bag: $1.50
100g bag: $2.20
200g bag: $3.90
20g matcha tin: $1.50
30g matcha tin: $2.20
40g matcha tin: $2.80
Bamboo Matcha Whisk: $2.20

Japanese green tea is delicious and invigorating!


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