Can I use cream, sugar, honey or sweeteners? Will this effect the health benefits?

Green tea is unlike black tea in that it is always meant to be consumed straight. In Asia it is unheard of to add cream, sugar, etc. These additives will only add unwanted calories or, with artificial sweeteners, disrupt the delicate taste.

There are also negative effects on health benefits. If you add milk or cream casein binds with catechins and reduces their efficacy.

This is particularly true with matcha. Recently "matcha lattes" and matcha mixed with juices and other beverages have become trendy. Culinary grade matcha can be used for cooking, ice cream, and various mixed drinks. But high quality matcha is best when you drink it fresh from the bowl.

Fresh quality green teas are delicious when you drink them straight!

"I don't imagine the tea-drinking Brits are going to change their ways and give up adding milk to their tea, but if you really want the health benefits of green tea, you should try to develop a taste for it without milk."
Source: Dr. Andrew Weil

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