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Are your teas safe to drink after the 2011 tsunami reactor incident?

There has been no exposure in Uji or in Kyushu in Southern Japan where we get organic teas.

Most of the fallout from the reactor was blown out to sea. I did, however, stop selling teas from Shizuoka in 2011. This is because trace levels of radiation (cesium) were discovered in some fields in Shizuoka. I am not stating that Shizuoka teas are bad- we just wanted to be extra careful.

We looked for another supplier and found one in Kyushu in Southern Japan. We tested many teas and the Fukamushi sencha that we sell now does not come from Shizuoka. It comes from Kyushu which had zero exposure.

Tea from the Uji region, and the Fukuoka, Yame, Kumamoto, Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures have not been found to have any radiation to date; they are all in areas where radiation has not been found.

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