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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to try green tea. Which teas do you recommend?

Why are your teas fresher than teas at other online shops?

Can I use cream. sugar, honey or sweeteners? Will this effect the health benefits?

What is sencha, gyokuro, shincha, matcha, etc.?

Is green tea good for weight loss?

How long does it take to receive an order?

How many cups can I prepare from 1 bag/tin of your green teas?

How many cups a day should I drink to get maximum health benefits?

What is the difference between Japanese and Chinese green tea?

How secure is your shopping cart and what is your return policy?

Do I need a bamboo whisk to prepare matcha?

Is buying a Japanese teapot necessary?

How do I clean my teapot or maintain my matcha bowl and whisk?

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