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Premium green teas and matcha shipped directly from Japan plus teapots and accessories for optimum preparation!

We order fresh teas from selected growers in Uji and Southern Japan. We reviewed many samples before we selected the gourmet teas you can purchase at our shop.



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Uji green teas

Our sencha, gyokuro and matcha teas are grown in Uji which is famous in Japan for producing the highest quality green tea. Our organic teas are from Southern Japan.

About 75% of all tea harvested in Japan is graded as sencha. The quality of sencha is, however, highly variable. Quality depends on the tea's origin, the season, and leaf processing techniques that are used.

For gyokuro special cultivation techniques are used to yield a tea that is famous for its rich flavor. Gyokuro tea plants are grown in the shade for approximately three weeks before harvesting begins. Shading direct sunlight in this way reduces leaf photosynthesis which alters the proportions of flavonols, amino acids, sugars, and other substances that provide tea aroma and taste.

Teas in Japan are harvested 2 to 3 times a year. The highest quality teas come from the first harvest in the spring. They taste better and contain more polyphenols and vitamins than second-harvest teas.

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    Fresh harvest shincha from Uji is coming soon!

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    After harvesting the teas are wrapped and placed in cold storage. This keeps the teas fresh for a full year and is why it is important to order teas shipped directly from Japan.

    We order fresh teas once a week. We keep a one week supply on hand so we can ship your order within one business day.

    Teas vary greatly in quality. Even within first-harvest teas there are different grades of tea. Only the highest quality teas are included in our catalogue. From the beginning quality has been our top priority.

    Teas fresh from the source!

    Shipping from Japan allows us to be highly selective. This commitment is why Japanese Green Tea Online has received accolades from tea experts, periodicals and loyal customers.

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