Japanese Green Tea Online

Fresh Japanese green tea plus accessories for optimum preparation!

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Japanese green tea shipped fresh from the source.

You now have the opportunity to obtain the freshest Japanese green tea!

Japanese Green Tea Online acquires teas from several tea growers in Uji and Southern Japan. We reviewed many samples before we selected the gourmet teas you will find in our catalogue.

Teas vary greatly in quality. Even within first-harvest teas there are different grades of tea. Japanese Green Tea Online only markets the highest quality first-harvest teas. From the beginning quality has been our top priority. This commitment extends to all of our teas.

Shipping from Japan enables us to be highly selective. This commitment to quality is why Japanese Green Tea Online has received accolades from tea experts, periodicals and loyal customers.

Airmail deliveries during the holidays peak season takes up to five business days longer than usual. Express Mail is about twice as expensive but we offer you a free upgrade to Express Mail Service (EMS) on all orders over $100! Deliveries are guaranteed to arrive in 5 working days or less.